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Robert Sheaffer

Other Sources Debunking Feminist Claims


The Independent Womens' Forum - for American women who believe in individual freedom and personal responsibility.

The Backlash against Negative Male Stereotypes!

The Men's News Daily - looks very professional!

The National Coalition of Free Men

Wendy McElroy's libertarian-oriented 21st Century Feminism, a big improvement over tired old Politically Correct feminism.

The Men's Activism News Network

The Mens Health Network - countering the lie that womens health is "neglected".
(Hint: which sex has a higher mortality rate, at every age?)

New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Organization

Glenn J. Sacks describes himself as "the only regularly published male columnist in the US who writes about gender issues from a perspective unapologetically sympathetic to men."

Everyman, a Canadian Mens' Journal

Fighting for Mens Rights

Les Chevaliers de la vérité - Mensonge Feministe (a Canadian site in French exposing "feminist lies").

Ladies Against Feminism (Christian-oriented).

Vera's Pages: Gender Issues

A page about Camille Paglia, "Feminist Fatale"

A Yahoo discussion group: The American Union of Men

Kelley L. Ross' Philosophical Critique of Feminism

Richard Bennett's "Original Blog" on Feminism and Politics.

Rich Zubaty's writings on The Feminization of America and other subjects.

Brian Carnell's pages exposing Feminist Fairy Tales

The American Coalition for Fathers and Families

The Mens Tribune

The Thinking Man's Minefield - unusual and eccentric stuff.
Contains great historical information on the Battle between the Sexes.

Links from Jan Deichmohle's site detailing feminist censorship, feminist hate, and also listing antifeminist sites worldwide.


Why Men Rule by Steven Goldberg.

Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say by Warren Farrell. (J. P. Tarcher, 1999).

The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell. (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993).

Why Men Are the Way They Are by Warren Farrell. (New York: Berkley Books, 1988).

Free on-line: H.L. Mencken's satirical 1922 classic, In Defense of Women, in which he explains that the best proof of female intelligence is how easily they keep men hornswoggled!
(Some feminists are so dumb that they don't realize this book's title is satirical!)

Feminism and Freedom by Michael Levin. (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1987)

Not Guilty - The Case in Defense of Men by David Thomas (New York: William Morrow and Co., 1993).

E-book: If Men Have All The Power How Come Women Make The Rules
and other radical thoughts for men who want more fairness from women, by Jack Kammer.
Highly-recommended: vividly illustrates feminist duplicity and the Double Standard against men.

A new book Big Sister by Neil Boyd (once a very naïve true believer, now mugged by reality) - Who Hijacked Feminism?

The Failure of Feminism by Nicholas Davidson. (Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1988)

Politically Correct Feminists' Pages

Certified to be Free of Doctrinal or Moral Error

NOW , Find out what it's about from the gals who run the show.
Read about their heroic efforts to "Stop GOP Welfare Cuts," which they characterize as a "war on women". (I bet you didn't know that feminists expect women to live parasitically off men via welfare. Whatever happened to "equality"? Or doesn't that concept extend to "equal responsibilities"?) Be sure to use their "Search the NOW Site" function. I found 66 hits on "affirmative action" and 69 hits on "welfare". And they want you to think that feminists are promoting "independence"!

The Online Library of the late Andrea Dworkin. , Read her rants against freedom of speech and the ACLU, who she accuses of defending right-wing extremists because they share the same principles. See Dworkin explain that, even though she had been living with a man, John Stoltenberg(author of Refusing to be a Man) since 1974, both of them have been "out" for more than two decades. "But Dworkin is an extremist, she isn't representative of feminists," you may object. Read the extravagant praise of Dworkin by Gloria Steinem. And if Steinem isn't representative of feminists, then who is?

Fat Liberation -
No matter how strong the Medical evidence linking obesity to sickness and premature death, the only Politically Correct attitude is "Screw the Patriarchy, Gross obesity is Great!" See the copyrighted Fat!So? Butts. Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows beyond any question how harmful obesity is to womens' health. If feminism really were a movement promoting womens' health (rather than a balm for botched egos), it would be working to help women stay slim and healthy, instead of giving them spurious rationalizations for getting and staying dangerously obese.
See Fat Liberation's Glamor Girl - Buy Her T-Shirt!
Other web resources for fat dykes (and the women who want them).

The home page of Hothead Paisan, the Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist. A creation of the appropriately-named "Giant Ass Publishing", which specializes in works for lesbians, "Hothead has spent the last 5 years as a one-woman feminist hit squad in a modern world gone insane after a full 5,000 years of patriarchy." (Hothead clearly believes in the Ancient Goddess myth, and uses it to justify her homicidal rampage against men.) In Issue 5, "Hothead takes a chainsaw to a male newscaster trying to 'undo 20 years of feminism'"; unfortunately, the issue is sold out. Here is yet another illustration of the feminist principle of "equality:" Any man who made cartoons like this about killing women would be denounced by all sides as one pathetic, sick psychopath. Yet when a woman produces a series of comic books about maiming and murdering men, she's considered 'liberated'.

"Our best women scholars are being force-fed an appalling diet of cant, drivel, and malarkey."
-Camille Paglia, Sex, Art, and American Culture (Vintage, 1992, p. 243)

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