Bill Clinton - The Criminal President

This page has been warning about the Clintons' Criminality since this website started in 1996 -
Are you among those who defended them until January, 2001?

America's First Contempt-of-Court President

In an unprecedented ruling on April 12, 1999, U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright found a sitting president in contempt of court for his false testimony in legal proceedings against him: "It is difficult to construe the president's sworn statements ... as anything other than a willful refusal to obey this court's discovery orders." The President is supposed to be the chief law enforcement official in the nation, but Bill Clinton obviously viewed himself as being above the law (and so, apparently, did his supporters). Just two months earlier, Democratic Senators had voted unanimously to excuse Clinton's perjury and obstruction of justice. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) proposed a censure motion charging that Clinton "gave false and misleading testimony and impeded discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings" - thereby acknowledging that the president had indeed comitted felonies - yet she voted to acquit him on all charges! Apparently she believes that some people are too important to her party to be held accountable to the law.

Like O.J. Simpson, Bill Clinton was able to translate his high personal popularity into a triumph over the law in spite of being caught "dead to rights" engaging in felonious behavior. (And both were greatly assisted in their cases by a vigorous defense from Alan Dershowitz, as was Claus von Bulow).

The Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Senate having spoken, they have made it indisputable that the Democratic Party is now on record as:

The Party of Perjury
The Party of Obstruction of Justice
The Party that put a Rapist in the White House, then Shredded
the Rule of Law to Keep Him There -

AND NOW THEY PROFESS TO BE ASTONISHED AND SHOCKED WHEN HE WAS CAUGHT SELLING PARDONS TO RICH CRIMINALS! (Well, DUH! They must have had their heads under a rock these past nine years. But lots of people WERE awake to the Clintons' criminality, and they were vilified greatly for it. Today it's easy to judge whose political judgement is grounded in reality, and whose is not.)

Photos and Stuff that Bill Clinton
Doesn't Want You to See

How the German people see Bill Clinton:

Visit Newsmax for the latest on Clinton Scandal news.

Arkansas woman known as "Jane Does #5" in the Star Report accuses Bill Clinton of raping her. NBC-TV interviews her, then knuckles under to White House pressure to kill the story!!!!!!!! (they finally ran it a month later, after the danger of impeachment for Clinton had safely passed. Juanita Broaddrick is the one rape victim for whom feminists will not leap to her defense, because it's their Poster Boy who raped her!)

Judicial Watch - working hard to keep Bill Clinton accountable under the law!

Click here to visit the Clinton Sound and Picture Gallery. See Hillary and Algore posing with a cocaine-smuggler-donor in the White House. Hear Clinton saying "I didnt inhale."

The Media Research Center - Clinton scandals and more. Check out the photos of Bill putting the moves on a stewardess!

A thinly-disguised tell-all book by Dolly Kyle Browning, one of Bill's paramours from his Arkansas days.

Gennifer Flowers' tell-all book about her affair with Bill!

The best-selling novel Primary Colors tells the sordid Clinton story by a once-anonymous insider. Its author is now known to be Newsweek writer Joe Klein, who had insider's access to Clinton's campaign in 1992.

The text of Paula Jones' lawsuit against Bill Clinton. Read about her encounter with the First Phallus of the land. It was Clinton's attempt to obstruct this lawsuit that led to his impeachment - and not his affair with Monica, as the Clinton defenders want you to think. But remember the following Politically Correct principle: Women are always telling the truth when accusing a Republican of Sexual Harassment - however, women who make accusations against "progressive" Democrats are telling partisan lies.

The mainstream and left-of-center press have done their best to "See No Evil" in the Clinton scandals. About the only left-of-center publication that has not kept its head in the sand about these outrages is The Progressive Review. It is reassuring to see that at least one leftist publication has some degree of principle!

Read my article Bill Clinton and the Gender Gap, which was published in the August, 1996 issue of The Backlash Magazine.

Former Clinton business partner, the late James McDougal, faced up to 84 years in prison for looting his Madison Guarantee Savings to put the money into Whitewater and other ventures. Clinton`s defenders suggest that McDougal lied to avoid prison time. But lying to prosecutors is a very bad strategy for staying out of jail: they call it "perjury," and it results in additional charges. Plus, according to the special prosecutor, McDougal has been able to corroborate his testimony. Things are starting to get very interesting. Of course, Bill and Hillary probably had NO IDEA that he was doing anything illegal, but if they did, it might explain why the President has claimed "Executive Privilege" for his documents, and why they and their pals have been constantly changing their stories, conveniently losing subpoenaed documents, and suffering from amnesia-under-oath.

McDougal`s ex-wife Susan, also convicted on related charges, sat in jail not for those charges but for contempt of court. The question she refuses to answer is: "Was Bill Clinton's testimony at your trial truthful?" Quite obviously, the answer to that question must be no, since if the answer were "yes," she could simply say "the president told the truth," and all would be well. But since she knows that Clinton did not testify truthfully at her trial, if she were to state under oath that he did, she would risk later prosecution for perjury, while if she admitted that he did not, all hell would break loose. So she refused to answer the question, and for her loyalty was granted a pardon by the outgoing president Clinton.

Read the 1997 Frontlines investigative report on Corruption in Clinton's Arkansas (required reading for those of you who seem to think that the Clinton criminality began on Jan. 20, 2001.)

It now is clear that the foreign policy of the Clinton administration was for sale to the highest bidder. Primarily it has been China, but Pakistan is rumored to be in the bidding as well.

To keep up with late-breaking news on these manifold scandals, read the newsgroup alt.current-affairs.clinton.whitewater. Here is its archive.

Why do you suppose it is that if you want to read the 'inside scoop' on the Whitewater scandals, you can't get it from the New York Times or Washington Post, but must turn instead to The Telegraph of London? (The on-line edition is free, but you have to register.) Look under "International News". You'll be amazed by what you learn! (And equally amazed by how the U.S. papers refuse to cover this.)

Clinton Family Photo Album - The First Brother

(Pardon received from President Clinton on Jan. 20, 2001.)

"...Roger Clinton went to prison shortly afterwards for dealing in cocaine. In a police surveillance video taken at the time, Roger can be heard saying that he must get some cocaine for his brother: "He has a nose like a vacuum cleaner." "
from The Electronic Telegraph
(London), 15/July/1996
"Foster 'hired detective to spy on Clinton'"
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Little Rock

(Presumably this is the reason why Bill Clinton refused to make public his medical records.) ROger Clinton received for pardons.....

Some photos and stuff that Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn't want you to see.

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