Real-Time PC Software for Astronomical Observers

Copyright (c) 2002 by Robert Sheaffer

Screen Shot of RT astronomy program


This program is now obsolete, and is replaced by RTGUI, a 32-bit Windows application. See .

Freeware MS-DOS Program, Also Runs Under Windows - Controls Some "Goto" Telescopes

  • Rapidly locate deep-sky objects or bright stars from catalogs.
  • Create a custom "tour" based on your own criteria.
  • Controls some "Goto" telescopes ( currently most of the Celestron line) to slew directly to the selected object.
  • Automatically record object, time, & location information when the Observing Log is opened
  • Display Altitude and Azimuth of Astronomical Objects In Real-Time.
  • Locate Sun, Moon, and Planets.

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    Download RT, version 7.02, dated Aug. 21, 2003. (Size only about 300k bytes). Recommended for MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 users only. If you are using any 32-bit Windows system (Windows 95/98/me/xp, Windows NT 4 / Windows 2000, or later) you should instead use RTGUI, which has a better user interface, and also has enhanced capabilities.

    Version history:

    7.02 Aug. 21, 2003: Final version of RTASTRO. Development and bug-fixing has ended. Replaced by RTGUI. Fixed a problem with commands sent to GOTO Telescope Type 2 (Celestron Nexstar 5, 8). Small updates to FULL.CAT (from RTGUI development).

    7.01: Aug. 1, 2003: Added RTNO87, a version of the program that runs on old computers without a floating-point processor. It's a little slower, but it still does the same things.

    7.00, Nov. 4, 2002: Replaced the "Fundamental Catalog of Stars" with the much more comprehensive "Yale Bright Star Catalog." Easily find any star by its Greek letter or numerical designation, plus constellation name.

    6.12, March 31, 2002: Added object magnitude to observing log. Searches now abort if name entered of zero length (instead of re-prompting). Small fixes to catalog.

    6.11, Jan. 13, 2002: Fix problem with observing log. Added a few more popular names to the FULL catalog.

    6.10, Jan. 6, 2002: First general release. First version to support GOTO telescopes.

    Other Astronomy Resources

  • Download a Cross-Reference file for double stars of SAO catalog numbers with Bayer and Flamsteed numbers. This makes it easier to locate stars in GOTO telescopes, because many of the scopes don't know the stars' names, only their numbers. (Size 127k bytes). Save a copy of this file on your laptop!

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